This is how you can donate:

If you would like to give a donation to Norwegian PEN, you can simply give a gift electronically or from your local bank to be deposited into the PEN account.

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All proceeds from donations and funds received will be used for the Emergency Fund for Writers at Risk.  Writers, journalists, editors, bloggers, cartoonists, and artists worldwide are persecuted daily for their work and opinions; not only are their rights to freedom of expression denied, but they are at risk for various forms of violence, threats, intimidation, and even death.

Although PEN uses various means to protect these individuals, such as the Cities of Refuge Program through ICORN, sometimes the administrative steps and processes for protection can take time.  The Emergency Fund allows for quick and effective action that may protect a writer at risk from immediate danger.  Remember that your donation may help to save a life.

Thank you for your gift.