Norwegian PEN started in 2015 a big project to protect freedom of expression in our own society, The Norwegian Project for Responsibility and Freedom of Expression. All the eight projects below are included in this work so far.

The reason for the Norwegian project is a greater need to take responsibility more clearly for freedom of expression’s situation in our own country. Norwegian PEN wishes to contribute to increased public awareness about the value of free debate and expression. At the same time, we want to keep a vigilant watch over freedom of expression’s in Norway. Norwegian PEN established in January 2015 eight subprojects. Each one of them will deal with important areas for strengthening freedom of expression.

These projects are:

– Production of a programme about freedom of expression for the youth
– Media and publishing, including the web  
The multicultural field
Electronic and other forms of surveillance, nationally and internationally 
The generaø debate, national and international 
Writers in Prison Committee
Resident writers in Norway

The Norwegian Project is made possible with the support of Fritt Ord Foundation, the Bergan Foundation and Eckbo’s Endowment.