Norwegian PEN has been working on international issues since its establishment in 1922. But it was only in 2002, when Norwegian PEN’s first office was established, that the international work sped up.

Our focus is on Turkey (trial observations, local conferences), China (last actions in connection with the consequences of the Peace Prize Award to Liu Xiaobo: the Norwegian Government’s priority of trade with China in front of human rights), Afghanistan (establishment and operation of the Authors’ House in Kabul in 2004 , observation and follow-up visits), Iran (observation trips, several seminars and contact with the Iranian exile environment in Norway) and Eritrea, where Norwegian PEN has been the support center for the creation of a PEN Eritrea in exile. Before Norwegian PEN was engaged in Ethiopia, where we contributed, among other things, to the founding of Ethiopian PEN, as we were also a support center for, as well as Tunisia (five observation trips) and Belarus (observation trips).