Who is a resident writer?

In order to be admitted by the city of refuge program, one must be a writer with a certain literary production and be able to demonstrated that they are threatened or persecuted in their homeland because of their literary work. The definition of “author” includes writers of both fiction and non-fiction works, as well as playwrights, poets, editors, translators, publishers, journalists and cartoonists. In recent years there have also been included movie directors, bloggers and rappers. It is the Writers in Prison Committee at PEN International that has an overview of authors who are persecuted and need protection.

Important information about Norwegian PEN and asylum seekers

Norwegian PEN is a member-based organization and its main work is to defend the freedom of expression of our members who are writers; we are not an asylum seeker organization. To read about the relationship between Norwegian PEN and NOAS (Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers) and what our duties are, click on this link.

The following authors are/have been resident writers in Norwegian cities of refuge:

Ayaz Khonsyawashan(poet, journalist, Iranian Kurdistan)
Hossein Heidary (actor, journalist, Iranian Kurdistan)
Lokeesan Appuththurai (journalist, Sri Lanka)
Kareem Amer
(blogger, Egypt)
Ratan Kumar Samadder
(blogger, Bangladesh)

Dessale Abraham Berekhet (writer, journalist, Eritrea)
Idrak Abbasov (journalist, Azerbaijan)
Jahid Hassan (editor, blogger, Bangladesh)
Arifur Rahman (cartoonist, Bangladesh)
Fadi Abou Hassan (cartoonist, Palestinsk flyktning fra Syria)
Mohsen Hossaini (visual artist,  animator, Afghanistan)
Abazar A. Bagi Hamid
 (musician, Sudan)
Hamid Sakhizada (musician, Afghanistan)
Nikan Khosravi (musician, Iran)
Andrei Nekrasov (moviemaker, journalist, Russia)
Sahar Bayati
(journalist, interpreter, Iran)
Iyad Ibrahim Rikabi (writer, Iraq)
Carlos Sherman
† (writer, translator, Belarus)
Salah S. Ali (writer, researcher, Iraq)
Song Chi (moviemaker, journalist, Vietnam)
Haile Bizen Abraha (writer, journalist, Eritrea)
Mamon Ali Jabari (journalist, Syria)
Gunel Movlud (poet, journalist, Azerbaijan)
Francisca Prudence Uriri (moviemaker, Zimbabwe)
Hai Ba Huynh (journalist, advokat, Vietnam)
Nama Jafari (poet, redaktør, Iran)
Fatemeh Ekhtesari (poet, Iran)
Mehdi Mousavi (poet, Iran)
Gilles Dossou-Gouin † (writer, Benin)
Nada Yousif (poet, journalist, Iraq)
Ammar Tassaei (writer, journalist, Iran)
Hika Fekede Dugassa (writer, lecturer, Etiopia)
Samah Mahmoud (writer, poet, Palestine)
Ali Abukhattab (poet, journalist, playwright, Palestine)
Benyamin Farnam (moviemaker, Iran)
Soudabeh Alishahi
(novelist, teacher, Iran)
Aziz Sangtarash (novelist, poet, Iran)
Kosar Fattahi (writer, Iranian Kurdistan)
Philo Ikonya (writer, journalist, Kenya)
Mahsa Nikan (psychologist, children’s writer, Iran)
Basim Mardan (translator, writer, Iraq )
Safaa Thiab Alwan (journalist, Iraq)
Abduallahi Muhiaddin
(cartoonist, journalist, Somalia)
Nawzat Shamdin (journalist, writer, Iraq)
Ahmedur Rashid Chowdhury/ Tutul
(publisher, writer, Bangladesh)
Ali Dorani/ Eaten Fish (cartoonist, Iran)
Araz Elses (musician, Azerbaijan)
Mansur Rajih
(poet, Yemen)
Mansour Koushan † (writer, Iran)
Islam Elsanov (moviemaker, Chechnya)
Chenjeraj Hove † (poet, novelist, Zimbabwe)
Otba Fathalla Mahmoud (journalist, Iraq)
Manal Al-Sheikh (poet, translator, Iraq)
Elahe Rahroniya (writer, artist, Iran)
Mohammad Habeeb (translator, writer, Syria)
Easterine Kire (writer, Nagaland/India)
Mohammed Hassan Abdullah
(translator, writer, Iraq)
Jahangir Alam Akash
(journalist, Bangladesh)
Le Thanh Trung (journalist, blogger, Vietnam)
Sanaa Aoun (writer, Syria)
Asieh Amini (journalist, writer, Iran)
Ashur Etwebi (poet,  Libya)
Mohammad Rahbar (journalist, writer, Iran)
Montaser Abdel Rahman (poet, novelist, Egypt)
Musa Mutaev (writer, Chechnya)
NB! Certain writers are not in this list or have been anonymized for safety reasons.