*please note that otherwise indicated the texts in this section are on Norwegian*

Annual reports

Norwegian PEN’s annual reports are written by the board and presented at the annual for finalization.

Choose an annual report from the following list:


2015: Myanmar – Hva skjer i Myanmar?
2014: Turkey – Free Expression Under a Shadow (Turkish version here)
2014: Iran – Norsk PEN i Iran – forsiktig optimisme
2011: Tunisia – The Scars of Oppression Run Deep: Assessing the Critical Requirements for Freedom of Expression in Tunisia’s Democratic Transition
2010: Tunisia – Behind the Façade: How a Politicised Judiciary & Administrative Sanctions Undermine Tunisian Human Rights
2007: Belarus – Freedom of Expression in Belarus
2007: Tunisia – The Siege Holds
2006: Tunisia – Deceptions and Lies: Freedom of Expression in Tunisia Remains under Siege
2005: Tunisia – Freedom of Expression Under a Siege
2005: Tunisia – Freedom of Expression in Tunisia: The Siege Intensifies
2005: Belarus – Norsk PENs delegasjonsreise til Hviterussland
2003: Macedonia – Ohrid PEN Conference
2003: Writers for Peace congress
2003: Afghanistan – P.E.N.-delegation to Afghanistan
2002: Pressefrihet i Hviterussland
2002: 2nd World Conference on Music and Censorship
2002: UNESCO 3rd Round Table of Miniters of Culture, Istanbul
2002: Seminar: Diversity of Languages and Cultures in Times of Globalization
2002: Writers for Peace congress