Production of a program for youth

The purpose of the productions is to raise awareness among the Norwegian youth about why it is important to fight for the right of freedom of expression and what it means to be deprived of it.

Three productions have been made, each of them consisting of one guest writer together with one Norwegian author who has shown social engagement through their work as authors.

So far, the productions have been shown in several literature festivals and through the Cultural Schoolbag program.


Asieh Amini (guest writer in Trondheim, poet, journalist and human rights activist from Iran) together with Guro Sibeko (author, slam poet and activist).

Sahar Bayati (guest writer in Haugesund, journalist and author from Iran) together with Lene Therese Teigen (author, playwright, director).

Asieh Amini together with author Ingrid Storholmen.

Lene Therese Teigen has been responsible for the layout of the performances, together with the authors, and together with cities of refuge coordinator Ingeborg Kværne they have prepared a text and booklet for students and teachers who attend the performance.

During Spring and Autumn 2016 the performance was shown for over 1500 school students.

Download the booklet Freedom of expression for everyone? (Norwegian only)