De palestinske journalistene Duhair og Gareib er drept

Pressemelding fra The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA)

29 July 2014

MADA condemns killing of journalists Duhair and Gareib

Ramallah-27/7/2014:Israeli occupation forces killed the correspondent of  Alhuria Media Network in Hebron Ezat Abu Duhair,23 years old, and four members of his family by shelling his house.IOF killed also the journalist Baha Kamel Gareib,59 years old,who works at the Hebrew news department of Palestinian Public TV, in Rafah city south of Gaza Strip today morning.

Ibrahim Abed Rahaman- director in the Palestinian Public TV (Filistine TV) and his neighbor reported to MADA:”On29/7/2014,at 10:30 A.M. Baha Ghareib was going with his daughter Ola to a hospital to treat her. While he was going there, he was killed  by a rocket fired from  Israeli drone; therefore, he and his daughter were killed.

Alhuria Media Network said in a statement:”The house of the journalist Ezat Abu Duhair was targeted by IOF on today in the morning. The correspondent of Alhuria Media Network Duhair recorded his last message via Alhuria Netwotk at 04:30 A.M. His brother in law said in interview with Alhuria today that when Ezat completed reporting Gaza events and the last massacre which happened in Khan Younes, he prepared himself to pray at the mosque, but his house were shelled by Israeli rocket; therefore, he was killed.

IOF killed the two journalists Khaled Hamad and Abed Al-Rahaman Abu Haien, and the media worker Hamed Shihab since the beginning of Israeli aggression on Gaza.
In addition IOF shelled Al-Aqsa TV and Channel Headquarters today morning. The programs director of Al-Aqsa channel Samir Abu Mohsen reported to MADA:”On 29/7/2014,at 02:45 A.M, the headquarters of Al-Aqsa Chanel which located in Al-Naser neighborhood near Al-Quds Open University in Gaza city, which is a four floors building , was shelled. Firstly, the building was targeted with a rocket by an Israeli drone. Two minutes later, it was targeted by F16 rocket; therefore, the whole building was completely destroyed, besides offices ,press equipment and the studio on 250 Squar Meters, no casualties were reported.

He added At the same time, the second headquarter of the same channel, five- floor building with 550 Square meters for every single floor, which locates in Al-Naser neighborhood near Al-Sheikh Radawn cemetery in Gaza city, was shelled. An hour later, the same building was targeted with F16 by an Israeli drone; therefore, the whole building nearly destroyed bedsides equipment and devices, only pillars remained,. No casualties were reported.

He said also:” Today at 03:00 A.M, the headquarters of Al-Aqsa TV which located in Al-Shorooq tower-15th floor was targeted by an Israeli rocket, but we didn’t know the source of it; thus, the whole headquarter nearly was destroyed, and the broadcasting was stopped.

The general director of MADA Mousa Rimawi said that MADA condemns these savage crimes committed by IOF against journalists and media outlets which is part of occupation polices to hide their crimes against Palestinian especially in the last Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip. IOF killed more than 1100 and injured more than 6000 whom most of them are children, women and old people. He added that killing two journalists on the second day of Eid multiplies IOF crimes since they killed more than 100 Palestinians on the first and second day of Eid.

Mr.Rimawi stresses that the official international community should work firmly and speak up  to stop IOF crimes against journalists and Palestinian civilians which is a flagrant violation for international human law, and end  the impunity of occupation and hold IOF accountable for committing these crimes which can be stopped only by the disappearance of the last occupation on the globe.

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