PEN og Journalistlaget etterlyser “forsvunnet” norsk-palestinsk journalist

28nd of May 2013

Norwegian PEN
Wergelandsveien 29,
0167 Oslo,

The Norwegian Union of Journalists
P.O. Box 8793 St. Olavs plass
0028 Oslo

Syrian Government
The Embassy of Syrian Arab Republic in Scandinavian Countries
Syrian Embassy
P.o.Box: 4,
182 11 Danderyd

Concerns of journalist and author Moheeb Alnawaty

Dear Sirs

Through Interpol we have been informed that Moheeb Alnawaty the 5th of January 2011 was taken into custody by Syrian authorities during a stay in Damascus. Moheeb Alnawaty is a Norwegian journalist and author originally from Gaza, Palestine. Since 2008, he has lived in Norway with his wife and six children. According to the police investigation, he was arrested in Syria by  «security reasons». We – the undersigned – see the act of withholding him without charge or trial for 29 months as a serious violation of human rights and urge You to take immediate action to have him released.

The Norwegian Embassy in Damascus and Amman has made formal requests about Moheeb to the Syrian authorities. Moheeb Alnawaty was granted a Norwegian citizenship In absentia in May 2012. Enclosed You will find more detailed information about him.

Hoping that You will bring this information to the persons in charge,

William Nygaard/s.
President, Norwegian PEN

Thomas Spence/s.
President, Norwegian Union of Journalists

Carl Morten Iversen
Secretary general, Norwegian PEN

2007: Palestine: Suleiman Abdul Rahim Al-Ashi

31. May 2007

Mr Ismail Haniya
Prime Minister
Office of the Prime Minster

Your Excellency;

Norwegian PEN is alarmed and dismayed by the news of the killing of journalist Suleiman Abdul Rahim Al-Ashi, economics editor for the Hamas-affiliated daily Palestine, who was shot dead in a targeted attack on 13 May 2007 in Gaza City, and call for an immediate investigation to bring his killers to justice.

Norwegian PEN would also like to express its grave concern for the safety of journalists in Gaza, and call on the Palestinian authorities to take all necessary measures to protect journalists who are being targeted with apparent impunity for their reporting.

Norwegian PEN and its Writers in Prison Committee condemn the murder of Suleiman Abdul Raim al-Ashi, economics editor for the Hamas-affiliated daily “Palestine”, who was shot dead in a targeted attack on 13th May in Gaza City. We call for an immediate investigation to bring his killers to justice. Al-Ashi died during the assault, while his colleague Mohammad Matar Abdo, who was also brutally attacked at the same time, died in hospital following the beatings.

Your Excellency, Norwegian PEN and the Writers in Prison Committee urge you to look into these cases at your earliest convenience and to listen to our appeal to have the cases thoroughly investigated.

We thank you for your attention.
Yours sincerely

Aase Gjerdrum/s.
member, Writers in Prison Committee

Carl Morten Iversen
Secretary General

Cc:        Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Norwegian Journalists Association