In solidarity with the people of Tibet

25. April 2008


Chungdak Koren
The Norwegian Tibet Committee
Tordenskjoldsgate 6 B
0160 Oslo

Dear Chungdak Koren

The board of Norwegian PEN wishes to express its solidarity and support, both with the people of Tibet, and with the work of the Norwegian Tibet Committee, during their ongoing fight for free expression and respect for universal human rights.  Now that this conflict has re-surfaced on the eve of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, it is increasingly important that human rights- and freedom of expression organizations and activists worldwide show their solidarity with the people of Tibet and their organizations.

On this background, the board of Norwegian PEN, supports the Norwegian Tibet Committee´s demands that

·    an international, independant investigation of the recent demonstrations in Tibet be carried out by the United Nations

·    the Olympic Torch Relay will not include visits to Tibet as this will further escalate this conflict

·    Norwegian politicians and official guests find efficient ways to demonstrate their concern with the present human rights situation in China, for instance by not attending the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.


Anders Heger/s.                                                Carl Morten Iversen
President                                                          Secretary General

Copy: Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs