2008: Peru: Melisssa Rocío Patiño Hinostroza (2)

Head of State and Government
Dr. Alan García Pérez
Presidente de la República del Perú
Jr. de la Unión S/N 1ra. Cuadra, Cercado de Lima, Lima, Peru
Fax: +51 13113940
Email: messages can be sent to the President via the following link: http://www.presidencia.gob.pe/cartas_presidente.asp

Oslo, 29, May 2008

Your Excellency,

I, as a member of Writers in Prison Committe of Norwegian PEN am welcoming the release pending trial of the young poet Melisssa Rocío Patiño Hinostroza. I am Calling on the Peruvian authorities either to provide evidence to back up the charges of terrorism against Patiño, and to ensure she receives a free and fair trial;
Alternatively, to drop all charges against her.

Confident that You, Your Excellency, will take action accordingly, I remain,

Yours sincerely

Unni Malmø
member of Writers in Prison Committee, Norwegian PEN

Copies to:
Minister of Justice
Dra. Rosario Fernández Figueroa
Ministra de Justicia
Ministerio de Justicia, Scipión LLona N° 350, Miraflores, Lima, Peru
Fax: + 51 1 422 3577
Email: informate@minjus.gob.pe

Human Rights Ombudsman
Dra. Beatriz Merino
Defensoría del Pueblo
Jirón Ucayali 388, Lima-Perú
Fax: +51 1 426 7889
Email: centrodeatencionvirtual@defensoria.gob.pe

Ministry of Norwegian Foreign Affairs, Oslo, Norway

Diplomatic representatives of Peru in Norway
Brunnsgatan 21 B, S-111 38 Stockholm
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E-post: emba.perusuec@telia.com

Diplomatic representatives of Norway in Peru
Consulado General de Lima
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E-mail: norkonslima@terra.com.pe
Dirección: Real Consulado General de Noruega, Avenida del Parque Norte 605, Of. 301
San Isidro, Lima 27, Perú
Cónsul General: Lars Georg Fernando Stimman