2009: Peru: Melissa Patiño

Bergen, 9. March 2009

His Excellency,
Dr. Alan García Pérez
Presidente de la República del Perú
Jr. de la Unión S/N 1ra. Cuadra, Cercado de Lima, Lima, Peru
Fax: +51 1 311 3940

Your Excellency

As a member of Writers in Prison Committee, Norwegian PEN, I am deeply concerned by charges of terrorism against poet Melissa Patiño.
Melissa Patiño has been charged for “affiliation and collaboration with terrorism” apparently on the basis of her attendance at the meeting of the Bolivarian Continental Coordinator (CCB.)

On 8 May 2008, after almost two and a half months’ incarceration, Patiño was released on bail and allowed to return home pending trial. Peru’s antiterrorist prosecutor appealed against the decision to release her but this was rejected in early October 2008, meaning that Patiño should remain free on bail for the duration of her trial. She potentially faces 20 years in prison if convicted. To date no concrete evidence has been produced to back up the charges.

I seek your assurance, Your Excellency, to ensure she receives a free and fair trial; alternatively, to drop all charges against her.

Confident that you, Your Excellency, will take action accordingly, I remain,

Yours sincerely,

Trine Kleven
Member of Writers in Prison Committee, Norwegian PEN

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oslo

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