2011: Turkey: Pinar Selek

Mr Sadullah Ergin
Minister of Justice
06669 Kizilay

29. January 2011

Dear Minister

Pinar Selek will be tried 9 February; faces 36 years in prison

Pinar Selek, writer, sociologist and founder of the Amargi Women’s Solidarity Cooperative, will be tried in Istanbul on 9 February 2011, on charges of which she has already been acquitted twice. If she is found guilty, she faces 36 years in prison. The Writers in Prison Committee (WiPC) of PEN International is seriously concerned that Selek is being subjected to a campaign of judicial harassment as a means of penalizing her for her long standing support for minority groups in Turkey. We therefore urge the end of this pursuit of Pinar Selek and the dismissal of charges against her.


Yours sincerely

Annaguli Yildam
Member of Norwegian PEN, WiPC