The PEN International congress worried about lack of freedom of expression in a number of countries, 19 resolutions published

During PEN Internationals congress in Belgrade from 12th through 18th September, a number of resolutions about the lack of free expression in a number of countries were passed.  The source of most of these text were the Writers in Prison Committee.  Local WiPC write texts, secure support from other centers and convene at the congress in order to agree on the final texts to be passed on to the assembly.

Most of these texts are written in a well known UN-language.  PEN centers often discuss how we – as a literary organizations – can express ourselves more literary and less bureaucratic in these text which are distributed to authorities, embassies and medias all over the world.  The Mexican resolution, telling a long story of increasingly more violent harassements, is an example.

All the text are available on this link.