This year´s Ossietzky Prize laureate: journalist Sidsel Wold

For years, Sidsel Wold has reported from the Middle East and in particular about the IsraelPalestine conflict. With commitment, empathy, profound knowledge andextensive contacts she has contributed in communicating important nuances and width of coverage of conflicts and developments in the area.

Norwegian PEN will emphasize her ability to convey meetings with individuals andtheir lives. Stories that are essential forunderstanding the long lines, strong emotions and specific consequences ofpolitical power games. Sidsel Woldexposes herself to danger, but she alsomasters the difficult art of being a warreporter with a broader perspective than the coverage of individual actions and reactions. Her stories are characterized byextensive knowledge, good understanding of the region and precise observations in her encounters with people, whether they exercise power or are victims of violenceand brutality.

Sidsel Wold works for the Norwegian National Broadcasting Company NRK.