Members of Norwegian PEN support refugee appeal

Dear PEN Centre

We are writing to invite you to support a German PEN initiative, in association with English PEN and PEN International, publicly calling on European governments, the European Parliament and the European Commission to honour their humanitarian obligations to refugees. At a time of continuing international crisis, we believe that it is essential for European governments and institutions to review their policies
towards refugees and offer basic standards of humane treatment across the EU.

The attached appeal will be sent in the name of European writers. We are asking all the PEN centres in Europe to ask their members to sign the appeal and would much appreciate your support. PEN Germany will publish the appeal on 22 January, in coordination
with participating PEN Centres and PEN International.

We would be most grateful if you would distribute the appeal to your members. We would appreciate it if you would send the names of your members who support the appeal to, with their last name, first name and
nationality by 10 January.

With thanks for your support.
Josef Haslinger, President, German PEN
Jo Glanville, Director, English PEN
John Ralston Saul, President, PEN International