2015 Sudan: The Sudanese Writers Union

Oslo, February 19th 2015

Embassy of the Republic of Sudan
Holtegata 28
0355 Oslo

Dear Mr. Ambassador,

On 29 January 2015, the Sudanese Writers Union, the umbrella of Sudanese Writers, was dissolved and its cultural activities banned with a one and a half lines message issued by the Registrar of the Cultural Groups of Ministry of Culture, Sudan, under which SWU is registered. No tangible reasons were given. As a result, the SWU is banned indefinitely from carrying out any cultural activities under the laws of the land.

The Norwegian Writers in Prison Committee is deeply concerned and worried about this, which we consider to be a serious violation of the freedom of speech – a fundamental and invariable value in any democratic society.

We kindly ask your government to reverse this decision, and again enable the Sudanese Writers Union to carry out their legitimate professional activities and peaceful exercise of their right to free expression in the name of a constructive and necessary dialogue.

Yours sincerely,

Øivind Hånes
Writers in Prison Committee,
Norwegian PEN

COPY: The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs