17. april: Media freedom violations in Turkey

Gürkan Özturan is the executive manager of dokuz8news


Tuesday 17th April at 13:00
Venue: Redaksjonsområdet UiB, 2. etasje, Media City Bergen

We welcome to a conversation with Gürkan Özturan and Nuray Yildirim Gullestad, the chair of Norwegian PEN avd. Vestlandet, about how freedom of speech has been constricted and how critical journalism copes and adapts to the circumstances, in Turkey under Prime Minister, now President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Our guests will reflect on the impact of the broad variety of restrictions on free speech, which are applied in Turkey, and how a democratic opposition can survive in the next year and a half, as we approach the next General Election in Turkey.
The conversation is moderated by Iver Ørstavik, senior adviser at the Rafto Foundation for Human Rights.

Gürkan Özturan is the executive manager of rights-focused independent citizen journalism platform dokuz8news which publishes news emerging from social platforms & human rights networks across Turkey, and recently started a project on Developing Data Journalism Capacity, in the shadow if the increasing repression of critical voices in Turkey. He has studied in Istanbul, Uppsala, Nice and Berlin. His academic and activist expertise is right wing populism and digital rights & liberties, and he is published and interviewed by many of the major news outlets. Özturan is a board member for Turkey Europe Foundation, and also contributes to the work of several other NGOs.

Arrangert av Norsk PEN Vestlandet i samarbeid med Raftostiftelsen og Universitetet i Bergen.