İlkyaz - a new platform for young writers in Turkey

We congratulate and welcome the new platform for young writers in Turkey: İlkyaz.

İlkyaz is built to showcase and nurture the imagination of writers under 35.  The founder and coordinator of İlkyaz is Ege Dündar, a long time friend and collaborator of Norwegian PEN. Together with manager Irmak Ertaş and their friends on the advisory board, Halil Gediz and Özge Sargın, they launch this extraordinary literature  haven on 3 December 2018.

Literature knows no frontiers. Norwegian PEN believes that İlkyaz  will represent a significant and valuable source of Turkish young voices the world needs to listen to.

Norwegian PEN is the proud supporter of İlkyaz.  To contribute to make the writers’ works read, we publish three of the platform’s first texts in Norwegian, translated by translator Gunvald Axner Ims:

Så enkelt av Eren Özgür

Klagesang til fiken av Anıl Can Uğuz

Hodepine av Halil Gediz

You can find these works in Turkish and English here:

Anıl Can Uğuz – İncire Ağıt / Lament To Fig / Klagesang til fiken

Halil Gediz – Ağrı/Pain/Hodepine

Eren Özgür – Basit / Simple /SÅ Enkelt

We congratulate the founder and coordinator Ege Dündar by reproducing his own words on the web sit

In these times where divisions thrive, and interaction between people gets increasingly narrow due to political, economic or ideological boundaries, literature is a shelter for us all. It’s an avenue where we can meet beyond our differences in opinion, and witness our communal home, that is the Earth through various windows. It’s a precious common ground we can find morale in and appreciate insight into perspectives across the isle in an era besieged by a lack of communication.
We hope İlkyaz will encourage a wave of young writers, who are growing ever more doubtful of their talents and potential due to a lack of publishing opportunities. We wish to support young voices, even when other publishers say their content is “too raw.”
Our wish for İlkyaz is to act as a bridge. Not just between our readers and writers, but also between the first and later stages of a writers’ career – newly emerging and more established names; between young Turkish writers and writers and audiences from around the world.
Ilkyaz means spring in Turkish but is also a combination of the word “ilk” for first and “yaz” for write. I hope that much like the awakening of spring, we can pave the way for new writers and ideas to grow on our platform. We eagerly await your ideas. Welcome to İlkyaz!

Ege Dündar