5. desember: EJN og PEN inviterer til arrangement om tilliten til medier i Sentral-Europa

The Ethical Journalism Network og Norsk PEN inviterer til arrangement i Fritt Ords lokaler torsdag 5. desember.
Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash

Tid: 5. desember 2019, klokken 18-19.
Sted: Fritt Ord, Uranienborgveien 2

Åpent for alle. Påmelding: aida.kaisy@ethicaljournalismnetwork.org

Building Trust in Journalism: The Challenges to Media in Central Eastern Europe

The Ethical Journalism Network, in collaboration with Norwegian PEN, invites you to a panel discussion on the ‘Challenges to the media in Central Eastern Europe’. We will consider key issues faced by journalists in the region and look at the increasingly problematic relationship between media and democracy across Europe and around the world.

The issue of trust is in crisis. Public trust in key institutions – business, government, NGOs, and media – has declined across Europe. This is especially visible in Central and Eastern Europe – in the so-called new democracies. Citizens are turning away from a belief in democratic systems and populist governments on the rise. In this climate, the media are struggling to play their role of information provider and provide the much-needed link between the government and citizens, calling those in power to account.


  • Dorothy Byrne, Head of News at Channel 4 , Chair of the Board of Trustees, Ethical Journalism Network


  • Ingrid Brekke, journalist in Aftenposten , author of a new well-reviewed book about Poland
  • Karolina Wigura, journalist and board member, Kultura Liberalna, Poland
  • Marius Dragomir, Director of the Center for Media, Data and Society, Central European University, Budapest
  • Agnieszka Wisniewska, Editor of Krytyka Polityczna, Poland