Kvinnelige journalister og ytringsfrihet

At the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in Norway, Norwegian PEN, in co-operation with Department of Journalism and Media studies, Oslo and Akershus University College, hosted the conference «Women’s Suffrage – Women’s voices». Invitees were journalists and journalism educators/researchers from the following countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, Tunisia and Turkey. The women contributed information and stories on how women are represented in the media in the variety of countries, and on the challenges facing women in countries in transition. Particular emphasis was paid to the tense situation in Turkey, as it unfolded hour by hour as we met. Zeynep Oral and Nadire Mater, both exceptional journalists from Turkey, provided in-depth insight into the current situation for women’s rights, while asking people to address the situation of the many men and women currently jailed for their journalism and writing in general.

Many other speakers addressed the invisibility of women in mainstream media as well as difficulties in being allowed to cover the same beats as their male colleagues. Norwegian journalists and researchers took part in the dialogues, which addressed media content, access to leadership positions in the media, social and judicial constraints in journalism, and a multitude of other issues.Abeer Saady, Amal Wahab, Hamida el Bour and Atidel Mejbri provided powerful examples from the situation in Egypt and Tunisia, where fundamentalists in power try to curb women’s rights. Towards the end, the conference discussed the gender impact of social media, including both positive impact and harassment of women in particular, and experienced well-known Tunisian bloggerLina Ben Mhenni drew on her experiences from the Tunisian revolution. The group of women also paid a visit to the parliament, and there briefly met with several politicians, including Prime MinisterJens Stoltenberg.

Oslo 10 og 11.06: Stor konferanse knyttet til stemmerettsjubileet

Women’s Suffrage – Women’s Voices; Oslo 10 and 11 June 2013

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Women’s right to vote we hereby invite you to take part in a two-day seminar in Oslo, Norway.

Venue: Oslo House of Literature, Amalie Skram room (Skram is one of the most famous female authors in Norway)

Organizers: Department of Journalism and Media Studies, HiOA and Norwegian PEN.  The conference is open for all.

MONDAY 10th of June:

0900 – 0930: Opening: Vice Chancellor Kari Toverud Jensen, Oslo and Akershus University College (HiOA), Elisabeth Eide, Professor (HiOA)

0930 – 1100: First session: Main obstacles to fair media coverage of women in the participant countries.
Speakers: Nadire Mater from Turkey, Gitiara Nasreen from  Bangladesh, Bushra Rahman from Pakistan, Billy Sarwono from Indonesia, Atidel Mejberi from Tunisia and Zeynep Oral from Turkey.  Moderator: Kristin Skare Orgeret.

1100 – 1130: Tea/Coffee

1130 – 1230: Second session: Covering the Arab Spring. Consequences for women.
Speakers from participating countries: Abeer Saady from Egypt and Hamida El Bour from Tunisia. Comments from former Middle East correspondent from Norway, Sisseld Wold.

1230 – 1330: Lunch

1330 – 1500: Women journalists – male editors – still a challenge?
Marte Michelet, Dagbladet. Speakers from participating countries: Martha Silaban from Indonesia,Akthar Sultana from Bangladesh and Qurratul-ain Tahmina from Bangladesh.

1500 – 1515: Tea/coffee

1515 – 1630: Examples of good practices in gender representation.
Speakers: Experienced reporter from Norwegian Public Broadcasting, Astrid Randen, Norway.Amal Wahab, Norway/Egypt, Nadire Mater, Turkey, Oni Sarwono, Indonesia

1000 – 1130: Reporting on women – women reporters: social and judicial challenges.
Speakers from participating countries: Reema Abbasi from Pakistan and Quhrmaana Kakar from Afghanistan. Moderator: Elisabeth Eide.

Parliament (for international guests only):
1200 – 1330: Lunch and guided tour at the Parliament.

At the House of Literature, Open for all:
1400 – 1530: Social Media: women’s participation and mobilization – and a source of harassment.
Speakers from participant countries: Lina Ben Mhenni (“Tunisian Girl” blogger) from Tunisia;Beathe Due, Independent researcher

1530 – 1700: Conclusive remarks and further networking