PEN Norway Deeply Concerned About the Health of Its Imprisoned Honorary MemberNarges Mohammadi in Iran

Narges Mohammadi, an Iranian women’s rights advocate and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, currently imprisoned in Iran, started a hunger strike on Monday to protest the denial of medical treatment by theIranian prison authorities, according to the statement by her family.

PEN Norway is deeply concerned about Mohammadi‘s deteriorating health and the treatment meted out to her and other political prisoners in Iran.

Mohammadi went on hunger strike on Monday in protest against Iran’s “policy of delaying and neglecting medical care for sick inmates” and its mandatory hijab policy for Iranian women.

Mohammadi has been struggling with heart and lung issues for several years and has previously suffered a heart attack in prison. According to the family statement, Mohammadi requested to be transferred from Iran’s notorious Evin Prison, where she is detained, to a heart and lung hospital for urgent medical care, but her request was denied.

This year, Narges Mohammadi was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her relentless efforts in promoting women’s rights and freedom of expression in Iran. Mohammadi has been detained on 13 occasions and is sentenced to a total of 31 years in prison in addition to 154 lashes.

Many political prisoners in Iran have reported being denied access to necessary healthcare and medication. Last year, Baktash Abtin, an Iranian poet and filmmaker, died due to the denial of medical care in prison.

PEN Norway supports Narges Mohammadi‘s protest against the Iranian regime and strongly condemns the regime’s unlawful and brutal treatment of political prisoners. We call on the Iranian regime to ensure that Narges Mohammadi receives the proper medical treatment she needs.