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The persecution of journalists in Afghanistan. With Saad Mohseni and Kai Eide

The killing spree against journalists in Afghanistan continues. Recently, 3 women were killed in targeted attacks in the east of the country.

What effect does it have on the Afghan media and freedom of expression in the country?

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Saad Mohseni talks with PEN Norway’s board member, Kai Eide about the persecution of journalists and civil society, about the peace process and about how in 2002 he returned to Kabul without any plan and became the country’s most important media personality.
He describes his own journey and what free media has meant for Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban and the rise of democracy.

Saad Mohseni: Afghan entrepreneur, founder and CEO of the international media company Moby Group and founder of Afghan tv-station TOLO TV.
Returned to Kabul from Australia in 2002 after the fall of the Taliban. He soon established a small radio station, which became among the first in the country. Gradually, he has built up Afghanistan’s largest media house, the Moby Group, which today includes Tolo News and Tolo TV.

Kai Eide, board member of PEN Norway and former ambassador, former United Nations Special Representative to Afghanistan (2008-2010).