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2016 Iran: Narges Mohammadi


The crackdown on critical voices in Iran

Tid: Tuesday, January 25, kl. 19.00 CET

Location: Stream on PEN Norway’s Facebook page

Organizer: PEN Norway

Narges Mohammadi is a courageous journalist and human rights defender in Iran. But she has paid a high price. In November 2021, Mohammadi was arrested yet again and is now facing 80 lashes.

September 2011, Mohammadi was sentenced to 11 years in prison for her work advocating against death penalty. The sentence was reduced to six years on appeal in April 2012. As a result of her imprisonment, her health severely declined. In May 2019, Mohammadi underwent an emergency hysterectomy, but after the surgery she was immediately transferred back to Evin prison where she was denied necessary medication. In May 2021, a court sentenced her to 80 lashes, 30 months in prison and a fine – a sentence which has been declared “final and enforceable.”

The brutal persecution of Mohammadi illustrates the severe crackdown on and mistreatment of critical voices in Iran. In her documentary film, “White Torture”, Mohammadi talks about her experience, prison torture and how prison conditions caused severe health problems. In the film, we meet several political prisoners in Iran who continue to bear the traumas of their imprisonment. In fact, the film is a response to understanding how solitary confinement forces a person to confess and even turn against oneself.

PEN Norway invites you to a conversation about the resistance of Narges Mohammadi, her current situation, and the treatment of political prisoners and activists in Iran, followed by the screening of her documentary film “White Torture.”


In the conversation:
– Taghi Rahmani, Narges Mohammadi’s husband, journalist, writer and activist
– Shirin Ebadi, Nobel Peace Prize winner (2003), political activist, lawyer and a former judge
– Asieh Amini, journalist, poet and Board member of PEN Norway
– Benyamin Farnam, filmmaker and Communications Worker at PEN Norway

Moderator: Moloud Hajizadeh, journalist

The event will be in English, and will be streamed on PEN Norway’s Facebook page.